Lokiie Moo
So.. I like... things.
like Harry Potter, Doctor who, HIMYM, The office, audrey tatou, emma watson, and then some.
17, Female, Singapore.
I make passive-aggressive jokes to soothe social tension.
(It's not 100% effective but whatevs)
Good day to you.

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December 18th
10:04 PM ツ


theres always that one weak bitch in the group that isn’t down with murder

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November 13th
9:53 AM ツ


Hello yes police there is a drug dealer i saw on the internet.his name is joe. 

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October 24th
4:23 PM ツ






if abortions are murder then blowjobs are genocide

did u get this text post off a hot topic tshirt

did you get ur url off a hot topic shirt

no no i wanna see where this goes

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October 17th
12:38 PM ツ
October 16th
9:56 PM ツ

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October 12th
10:59 AM ツ


the amount of y’s a girl adds to the end of ‘hey’ directly correlates with how much she wants the d am i right ladies

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July 15th
10:51 PM ツ

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July 8th
9:06 PM ツ


whatever mom

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July 1st
8:51 PM ツ

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June 17th
10:58 PM ツ

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4:34 AM ツ


if i had a kid id secretly get one of those clap on clap off light switches wired to their computer and if they ignored me id just clap and their computer would shut down and id be like yeah that fukin right son u look at me when im talking to u

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June 15th
8:49 AM ツ


when i was 7 years old i had my first internet boyfriend on neopets.com he was 14 and said the age difference didnt matter and that he loved me and promised to marry me

but his account got frozen like 3 days later 

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8:47 AM ツ
  • hips: ngl
June 14th
11:02 PM ツ

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June 1st
8:22 AM ツ

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